Is Leaflet Distribution Still Effective?

If you are wondering why leaflet distribution is still one of the best offline marketing techniques out there still in the opinion of a lot of marketing executives, then you are not alone. Leaflet distribution is the act of handing out leaflets or brochures containing information about the product to the public. Before the internet became commonplace, leaflet distribution was how most start up businesses were able to market their products. If a new pizza joint is about to open somewhere in town, then expect people giving out leaflets in the common areas in town, such as the grocery, the park or even in the schools.

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Admittedly, because of the internet and other more modern, efficient and large scale marketing techniques available nowadays, the idea of handing out leaflets has been put on the back burner. Most start up businesses today would prefer marketing via word of mouth, or over social media for almost no cost, rather than to print thousands of leaflets and paying a group of people to distribute it. Bigger companies would rather spend their budget on marketing strategies that can reach out to more people, such as paying for ads either online or offline.

The answer to the question of why leaflet distribution is still one of the best offline marketing techniques out there still can be answered by first asking for which industry leaflet distribution is being used for. Even with the changing times, there are still industries that prefer leaflet distribution over the other more sophisticated methods of marketing. The real estate industry for example, is perhaps the biggest industry that still depends on leaflet distribution. In fact, up until today, you can see a lot of real estate agents in malls or in groceries, handing out leaflets to potential property buyers.

The reason behind this is because sales in the real estate industry depend on the individual efforts of their agents, and it has been proven that more sales can be elicited from customers if there is interaction between the agents and the customers. Those who are thinking of buying condo units or houses are more likely to buy because they were approached by someone, not because they saw an ad on a billboard.

To answer the question of why leaflet distribution is still one of the best offline marketing techniques out there still, it would be dependent on the industry. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works perfectly for some. As such, it is still one of the best marketing techniques out there.




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